Candidates for NENA Southeast Region Director

Linda Draughn-Woloski, ENP

Voting for the upcoming national board is now open, and I hope you have taken time to review your candidates or, if not, that you will take some time to consider your candidates’ qualifications. NENA is your association, and voting is a great and direct way for your voice to be heard. While I would like to be your candidate for the Southeast Region Director position, what is most important to me is your participation in this year’s vote.
But, as a quick reference, here are a few things about me and my qualifications. I know many of you personally, but for those of you I don’t know, I would like to share a little bit about myself. As the oldest of 5 children, I learned at an early age the importance of handling responsibilities, helping to get things done, and working together as part of a team. I have worked in the 9-1-1 profession for over 30 years and have seen many changes over the years. I am married, and my family, too, has become part of our NENA family; as my husband tells everyone, “I didn’t volunteer, I was voluntold.”

Jennifer Estes, ENP, RPL, EMT-P, MBA

Serving as your Regional Director is an honor and a responsibility. Now that today’s 9-1-1 Centers are pushing the envelope with streamlined operations and adaptive technologies, it is imperative that YOU have a voice of experience and leadership. That voice must be as comfortable in the PSAP as it is in the boardroom that brings value to each conversation. That voice must be able to understand the innovator in the private sector and the executive in the public sector. I humbly ask that you trust me to be your voice as Southeast Regional Director.

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